Bespoke Artificial 
  Wedding Flowers For You​


Artificial flowers have come an amazingly long way over the years and quality flowers and foliage when created professionally with love and care can make very realistic arrangements that will last forever

So what are the advantages of choosing artificial flowers over real ones?

*  Artificial flowers are fabulous for hay-fever sufferers 

*  For those who want those favourite flowers that when real flowers are out of season on there wedding day- just for example - peonies in winter 

*  It also gives the bride the ability to plan ahead and save money by decorating a venue themselves easily as they never wilt and easily handled!

*  Most importantly of all - you have a permanent keepsake of your special day to remember and look at always.​

Bespoke Silk

Tailored ​​

Using only quality Silk and Real ​​
            Touch Artificia  Flowers